Trailing Stars Graphic Novel – IT’S ALIVE!

WoooOOOOOOOHHHHHH! Time to breathe some life into an old project all zombie style!
Hi everyone, Shiver here, and I’m here to talk about skeletons the soon-to-be-relevant-again Graphic Novel adaption of the long (long long long long long LONG) running Blogclan Project, Trailing Stars! Our goal is to make the writings of Trailing Star even more amazing by giving them one thing: Color!
(And lines and panels but  you get my drift ;))

Sleetwing started this project a while ago, and we plan on continuing in her pawsteps and adding our own graphic adaptions to the mix. We hope to get them done every fortnight, so we can keep the ball rolling!

But first, we need a team of people to help make this happen. Who do we need?

Artists (pretty obviously):
What’s that, person reading this? You like drawing cats? You like drawing boxes? You like drawing cats in boxes, and you want to help out?
Well we’d gladly accept it! Anyone can help out, and we’d love to have ya! Don’t be scared either, there will be no harsh words from Shiver’s turf.

I know a few of you have been bummed because you can’t draw, but you want to pitch in, so here you go! A nice big shiny position for ya!
In this position, we need people who can help balance out the chapters, work out who’s doing what per team, how many panels per page, and basically anything to keep the project as smooth as a gravy sandwich.

Every cat is different, and because of that, every cat needs their own look! Since Kate’s inbox is large and filled with many katemails, I’ve found a solution. A referential deviantart gallery!  We’ll be accepting/assessing possible designs for different cats as the story progresses, and we’d love your help! It won’t just be cats either. Backgrounds! Landscapes! Sizes and margins! Insane bears!
(Possible contests in the future too. Keep your eyes peeled!)
(Also hopefully no insane bears…yet.)

How, you ask, are these going to be sorted out so well? “Well that’s simple!” Spooky Shiver says.
We’re going to have TEAMS!

That’s right, this project will be made up of two teams, filled with amazing people with the positions listed above. All you have to do is volunteer here and you’ll be randomly generated into two teams.

Each team will be assigned a chapter, and will help to send in a full chapter of brilliance by the deadline!

So as of right now, that’s all, folks! *Looney Tunes theme plays*

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