Top 8 best quotes in “Into The Wild” by Ambergaze


Hey blogclan, Ambergaze here coming at you with a new article called “Top Ten Best Warriors Quotes” this is for Into The Wild, so I will have a list of my 10 most favorite quotes from into the wild. I hope you enjoy! And feel free to comment your favorite Warrior Quotes!!

8: Does everyone remember hearing Graypaw when he first met Rusty? If you do, you must remember the quote “You put up quite a fight for a tame kitty”

7: You can always call to Starclan, that is why you find the quote “it is at times like these we need the words of ancient warriors to help us.” in the first book.

6: Warriors battling is my favorite part to read. And you can tell that the quote “Surprise is the warrior’s greatest weapon” is true.

5: At the end of the book , Fireheart was determined. There was proof of that in this quote “If he was destined to oppose Tigerclaw, then so be it. Fireheart was ready for the challenge.”

4: I have always liked Redtail, that is why the quote “Redtail was a brave warrior. His loyalty to Thunderclan could never be doubted.” has been chosen for number 4.

3: I’m not a fan of Brokenstar. But this quote of his was chosen for number three because it shows how evil he was. “I do not ask for your answer now.” Brokenstar ignored the warrior’s challenge. “You must each go away and consider my words. But bear this in mind: Would you prefer to share your prey, or be driven out and left homeless and starving?”

2:Spottedleaf was a great medicine cat in my opinion, and I think her modo “Follow your heart!” deserves spot 2.

1: Here we are! Number one! This was a hard decision to make, but I have chosen the quote “You cannot live with a paw in each world.” I don’t know, there is just something about it I like!

Anyways, thanks for reading everyone! I hope you enjoyed! See you around! ~Ambergaze

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