The Undercat #3: Duskwater by Emberkit/fang


Emberkit/fang discusses Duskwater’s character and life

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Hello, BlogClan, it’s Emberkit again! And here I am with another Undercat installment. This one will… be about a rather obscure character. A cat named Duskwater.

This will mostly be me making theories about Duskwater, since she’s a character that didn’t get much development. So, without any more explanations, let’s get started!

Duskwater was an elder of RiverClan. She showed up at Crookedstar’s leadership ceremony, giving him a life for a mother’s love. Hmmm… Mother’s love… Isn’t it strange how most cats that give lives for a mother’s love or protection are mothers themselves? Brindleface, Goldenflower, Moonflower, Graypool… All those cats had given a life for love or protection at a leader’s ceremony. Could Duskwater also be a mother?

Well, I personally think that Troutclaw, another RiverClan elder, was her mate. Why? Because when RiverClan were about to fight ThunderClan for Sunningrocks, he asks why RiverClan was going to fight and wondered if they haven’t already lost enough, referencing Duskwater’s death. This might mean that Troutclaw feels like they lost a lot just because he lost his mate, and, when RiverClan’s territory flooded, he refused to leave camp when she went to make dirt and didn’t come back.

So, if Troutclaw was her mate, then who were their kits (Please note that I’m no expert on cat genetics 😛 )?

Well, who resembles them in fur color? Troutclaw was a gray longhaired tabby tom, and Duskwater was a blue-gray she-cat with a white chest and belly. Hailstar and Lilystem share Troutclaw’s gray fur color, while Lakeshine and Echomist share his gray fur as well as his longhair pelt. However, Echomist also has white-tipped fur, which she may have gotten from Duskwater’s white markings. If Echomist was Duskwater’s daughter, then Hailstar being her kit as well is out of the question (Unless we get another WillowxPatch case). Although I know nearly nothing about genetics, let alone cat genetics, it seems to me as though Lakeshine and Echomist are the kits of the two elders.

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