The TSGN Hosted Official Holiday FanArt Contest!

Bet you didn’t see this coming, ey guys? Shiver here, with the first official Christmas FanArt Contest, hosted by the reboot project for the TSGN!

(If the title didn’t give it away. Good job Shiv.)

So, howdy guys! Here’s a fun little activity for all of y’all who prefer to draw instead of using amazing alliteration in astonishing advances. A fanart contest! As the TSGN rebooter, I thought I’d schedule a mini event while I get the project going in the background, so how about it?


# You CAN enter both contests, don’t worry! This is just a fun little fanart thing to get everyone in the festive mood 😀
# 3 amazing arts per person (cat? who knows) please!
# To send them in, please leave an Imgur or Deviantart link down below. I’ll leave them all unmodded until the day, and then everyone can see the amazing artiness 😀 (If y’all are worried, I can put a list of the entries that I’ve seen down below!)
# They will be due by the 22nd of December, at 12PM EST/5PM GMT!
#Which is the same time as the fanfiction contest entries being due
#good job shiver
#Can be digital or traditional!
#There will be a first, second, and third! Don’t worry! 😀
#It’s also good preparation for the TSGN itself, and who knows, might give me a bit more of an idea of how much of a pawesome artist you guys are 😉

#Must be a Christmassy picture! If you don’t celebrate it, that’s perfectly chill. Christmas or Winter themed! (I heard deathberries look a lot like mistletoe. Poor Sorrelkit’s forever alone.)

# HAVE FUN!!!!!

Aaaaand that’s it. Go wild everyone! 🙂

you can definitely tell this is a shiver hosted contest now

you can definitely tell this is a shiver hosted contest now

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