The “I Want To Be In The Jar” Page

jarnamesDo you want to be in The Jar (Jerry the Jar to use its full title)?

Before you ask…

“Being in The Jar” means that, if anyone drops out of their Trailing Stars chapter, you get a chance to replace them.

The Jar is full of names, written on colourful slips of paper.

If a writer or editor doesn’t report for  Trailing Stars duty, or is simply too busy, I pick a name out of The Jar to replace them.

So, if you wish to be included in The Jar, please fill in the form below.

This page will be updated at the beginning of every month. If you want to remain in The Jar, you will have to submit your form each month.


You read me right.

To be in The Jar you must really WANT to be in The Jar.

I’ll keep the form simple and remind you to resubmit before the closing date (last day of the month)