The BlogClan Book

Hello, BlogClan!


This is a project created by our own Cinnamonswirl. She has a plan to create a BlogClan Book, or a book detailing the entire history of BlogClan. But we need plenty of help to make this happen!

Possible topics that can be included, by Cinnamonswirl:

  1. BlogClan’s name origin; interview with kate would be good, or with someone who remembers
  2. Why Kate started the blog, when, did she think it’d turn out this successful? First blog post –
  3. How the roleplay site(s) came to be (interview with Dawnmist would possibly be needed, as she’s been the owner of the past two sites)
  4. Blogclan wiki’s origins
  5. Changes the blog has went through over the years; people’s opinions on the new theme compared to the old one
  6. Interview with Copperclaw – she is deputy, after all. her experience on blogclan, etc.
  7. Interview with Dawnmist- founder of the wiki and roleplay sites; of her experience on blogclan
  8. Interview with Jayfrost – she’s done a whole lot for us with the allegiances and trailing stars, etc.
  9. General interview with Kate
  10. Trailing stars and Blogclan Rising’s history, who’s running it, etc. possible interview with Rainsong and Josh?
  11. Dedication to past members we miss. Interview a few people who’ve been on the blog for quite some time now
  12. Voting for deputy and medicine cat
  13. Fan articles
  14. Creation of Blogclan’s Allegiances (possible interview with Jayfrost)
  15. A small census taken of about ten-twenty people on how they found Blogclan
  16. Myth/Reality of BlogClan, like the origins of Cakestar’s name or how the deputy was chosen

As you can all see, these are many, many topics to cover! This is open to suggestions for many more. We need as many writers, editors, and interviewers as we can get to make this a success. Please read over this and see if you’re inertested!

If you want to work on this project, PLEASE contact Cinnamonswirl on the BlogClan Roleplay Site:

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