The BlogClan Book Revival Project Chapter Group Announcements!

Long enough title for you?

So yuppers! After going through the sign-ups from the original post, I’ve compiled a list of all the chapters, along with who’s writing, editing, illustrating and interviewing what. Just a couple notes-

All the chapters will be done in order. This means Chapter 2 can only be started after Chapter 1 comes out, and so on!

We’ll likely have a very Jar-like system too. If someone isn’t present to work on their chapter we can pick out a replacement. (Can I please note I have a Very Lovely Pink Box that’ll do the trick)

I tried to give everyone who signed up at least one role of their choice. If I’ve made any errors, please let me know.

And here’s the list…

(Please note that although I posted this on February 28th, I actually formed this list in late December)

Chapter 1:
Writer: Aspenflame
Editor: Dawnkit
Illustrator: Meadowpaw

Chapter 2:
Writer: Emberheart
Editor: Foxwind
Illustrator: Purepaw
Interviewer: Winterpaw

Chapter 3:
Writer: Claw That Balances On Rock
Editor: Sky Where Jays Fly
Illustrator: Moonpaw

Chapter 4:
Writer: Dawnmist
Editor: Hobbitheart
Illustrator: Meadowpaw

Chapter 5:
Writer: Snakepaw
Editor: Juniperpaw
Illustrator: Moonpaw

Chapter 6:
Writer: Waspwing
Editor: Hazelheart
Illustrator: Fishtail
Interviewer: Flowerstream

Chapter 7:
Writer: Honeypaw
Editor: Mistpaw
Illustrator: Geckopaw
Interviewer: Snowpaw

Chapter 8:
Writer: Flame That Shines Like Sun
Editor: Shimmerfrost
Illustrator: Geckopaw
Interviewer: Maplesky

Chapter 9:
Writer: Shimmerfrost
Editor: Tinyspots
Illustrator: Cypresspaw
Interviewer: Dovepaw

Chapter 10:
Writer: Snakepaw
Editor: Goldenpaw
Illustrator: Amberstorm
Interviewer: Thornkit

Chapter 11:
Writer: Stormpaw
Editor: Mosswreath
Illustrator: Cherryfur

Chapter 12:
Writer: Ashpaw
Editor: Wavepaw
Illustrator: Redpaw
Interviewer: Firepaw

Chapter 13:
Writer: Stoatkit
Editor: Stonestripe
Illustrator: Pebblepaw

Chapter 14:
Writer: Winterpaw
Editor: Emberfang
Illustrator: Dragonmist

Chapter 15:
Writer: Dovepaw
Editor: Mosswreath
Illustrator: Purepaw
Interviewer: Ashpaw

Chapter 16:
Writer: Flowerstream
Editor: Creampaw
Illustrator: Cypresspaw

Chapter 17:
Writer: Eagleclaw
Editor: Hobbitheart
Illustrator: Featherpaw

Chapter 18:
Writer: Jetclaw
Editor: Goldenpaw/ flight
Illustrator: Stoatkit

There are a couple blanks in there, as you can see, so if you want to fill those please comment below.

Here’s a reminder about what each chapter should be about-

1. Intro (an explanation of BlogClan- possibly told from a member’s point of view and stating reasons from other members about why they like BlogClan and what they think it’s about. Could be informative or more story-based)

2. Kate interview (how BlogClan came to be? Did she think it would turn out this successful?)

3. How the roleplay sites came to be, plus their eventual abandonment

4. Changes the blog has went through over the years; people’s opinions on the new theme compared to the old one (the problem with this is that we might need older members that can remember what the old theme looked like, unless we can find a picture of the old theme)

5. Interview with Copperclaw, if we can find her. She isn’t active anymore, but you never know… She was our first ever deputy and did a Week’s Round Up In Cats and all that. She contributed a lot.

6. Interview with Dawnmist- founder of the wiki and roleplay sites; our first medicine cat, of her experience on BlogClan and how she became our Polls Tsar 😛

7. Interview with Jayfrost- our new deputy. How the Allegiances came to be, other stuff, etc.

8. Interview with Kat- our new medicine cat. How the New Member’s Page came to be, how she chose Winterpaw, etc.

9. Interview with Shiv- how she came to lead the TSGN revival project, her experience on BlogClan 

10. Trailing Stars and BlogClan Rising’s history, who’s running it, etc, plus a Joshie interview

11. Dedication to past members we miss (Copperclaw? Rainsong? Swiftfire? Others?)

12. Interview a few people who’ve been on the blog for quite some time now (Amberstorm and Flowerstream, maybe?)

13. Voting for deputy and medicine cat, both 2012 and 2015 (I was thinking it could be made into a sort of short story- perhaps the cats of BlogClan of the two respective eras literally voting?)

14. Information on the Allegiances

15. A small census taken of about ten-twenty people on how they found BlogClan (we can probably ask for volunteers on the Tavern when the time comes)

16. Myth/Reality of BlogClan, like the origins of Cakestar’s name or how the deputy was chosen, maybe how we decided there would be a deputy (could be informative or a short story, it’s the author’s call)

17. Possibly a tour of BlogClan’s camp? You know, like they did in Secrets Of The Clans (or one of the other field guide books, can’t remember) where a cat of the Clans was speaking to the reader, a loner, about their camp and giving a tour.

18. Some sort of ending or conclusion, perhaps summarizing the book and leaving it on a cliffhanger for the future? (Could be a short story or more informative, author’s choice)

And so there you have it!  Work on Chapter 1 can now commence! Aspenflame, Dawnkit, Meadowpaw, are you ready? Thank you all very much for reading and taking part. Have a great day!

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