Soundingpaw’s Tips on Fanfictions!


Hello! Soundingpaw here. I used to be Streampaw, but I dropped out for tumblr over the summer. Oops. During this time I’ve frequent blogs such as and I’ve started thinking about fanfictions and stuff.

Now, to start writing, you need an idea. Now blogs such as the one I mentioned above are great for ideas, although they aren’t fully yours.

For example, a poly relationship between Cloudtail, Brightheart and Daisy. Imagine Brightheart developing feelings for Daisy while being mates with Cloudtail. Her having to face it and explain it to the both of them, and both of them are okay with it! Both of them would be happy to have Brightheart and the other respective cat. They all work together to raise the kits, and all cuddle.
GreyFire fanfics aren’t ever going to be in plenty, either. What I mean is that there could never be enough of bromances like those.

You also can NEVER go wrong with Otherkin. Do you research to find a proper explanation of Otherkin, because even though I am one [[ Housecat Therian and CInderpeltkin ]] I have issues fully explaining it. But fanfic ideas could be along the lines of Foxkin Thrushpelt getting so upset when he found out about Bluestar’s kits being taken by foxes, he can’t forgive himself and does favors for Bluestar to try to make it up for her, to her confusion.

Also- Vary sentence and paragraph lengths. This was taught, at least to me, in school.
This paragraph contains five words. It will always have five. There’s no reason to change. See how boring this is. 5 words rarely sound good. It sounds like a robot.
Here is a paragraph that varies length! Doesn’t it sound better in your head? Because of the lack of repetition, things flow more. Don’t restrict yourself, writing is for fun!

Thank you for listening to my rambles. Always remember to reread ALL of your work, to make sure you don’t switch pronouns/genders/names!

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