Regarding the Live Chat

Because we need to draw the line in the sand right here before things get out of hand.

We have a lot we need to discuss today, and I think, if you’ve been following BlogClan gossip for the last couple of weeks, you should know very well what I’m referring to. At heart, this post is a warning, hopefully to prevent a lot of you from being manipulated by misinformation.

  • Firstly, do not believe anything you hear regarding current, un-banned members of BlogClan. The stuff flying around at the moment is slander (manipulation), is completely untrue, and are lies being thrown around without any truth behind them. This is the most important point. Do not listen to what you are being told by outside members. I cannot emphasise this enough – there is no truth behind what you are being told by outside members.
  • Don’t get involved in this. There are many factors behind the scenes that you don’t understand, and you should not trust any information you are told about the matter. Whatever information you are being told by any sources should not in any case be trusted. We have more than enough evidence which enforce the decisions we have made. Do not be misled. We have the facts in screenshot form.
  • We shall be closing live chat until the Gathering to let tensions cool off, so things can hopefully return to normal.
  • Moderators have now been briefed on how to better handle issues in future. The complaints raised against moderators in recent weeks should not be rearing their heads again; I have spoken firmly with them about how to act.
  • The chat is designed to be a calm and chill place, and we should not be bringing these tensions here. BlogClan is a friendly community and we will go to any length to enforce this.
  • We expect you to be kind and respectful to other members. This includes no bad language, insulting or aggressive shouting. Certain members are going to be closely watched for a while when the live chat is relaunched.
  • Hopefully after this we can move on, and things can return to happy-go-lucky, merriment, as before, and we can have a great Christmas period!
  • However, I would also like to point this out as a warning for future though: if members can’t keep their cool, we’re perfectly willing to close the chat forever, and I’m sure that if we do so, the same will happen over on the Wiki.
  • If we cannot move on from this successfully, further action will be taken.

Thank you very much for reading, it is a shame indeed that it has come to this, but I hope we can grow and learn and move on from the behaviour here, and as a result, grow as a community together. This is just a small block in the road, have no fear, normal service will soon be resumed.


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