New Member’s Page #4

A new page because the other one was getting really very crowded. I also resisted calling this one New New New Members Page, for the sake of continuity later on. It hurt not to use that pun.

You can find New Member’s Page #3 here.

Welcome to BlogClan! We’re glad you came.

Blogclan by Kat

Here, Kat, one of BlogClan’s senior warriors explains how our community works and how to get involved:

Hello!  I’m Kat!  I’m also called Big Mama, Kat Potato, or really anything that suits your fancy.   I’ll be your tour guide for this part of the website. I’m the medicine cat on here! 🙂

You have no idea how much BlogClan will affect your life when you first get on.  BlogClan is an amazing community of young pre-teens and teens.  I’ve noticed in my time that a lot of us are those weird kids, you know, reading the “magic fighting cats books” and daydreaming.  Here, we comfort and care for each other more than you can ever imagine.  When you first get on here, know that we all understand what another’s going through.  Feel free to comment about anything you think of and care about.  And most of all, enjoy your time here!  Below are some introductions from some of our members of BlogClan.  Be sure to ask them questions if you have any! 😀

“Hello and welcome to all new members of BlogClan. My name is Jayfrost, Jayie for short, and I’m the deputy of BlogClan. I have been visiting BlogClan since December of 2011, so I’ve been around here for a long time now. As I said, I’m the deputy, and I’m in charge of the Allegiances, so talk to me if you have any questions regarding that. I’m also a comment moderator, so if there’s a problem with your comments getting posted on the blog, ask me or one of the other mods. I’ve been on BlogClan a long time now, and making sure this blog runs smoothly and all our members feel safe and welcome means a lot to me. On a more personal note, I’m a giant nerd; I’ve been reading Warriors since 2005, so I’m a huge fan and dork for these books. I’m also a shipper and fangirl, with such series as Doctor Who (pre-Moffat, not a Moffat fan), Sherlock BBC, Supernatural, Firefly, Orphan Black, and others having consumed my life. I’m always ready for a lively, friendly debate or geek-fest over any of my fandoms. 😀 I am an avid reader and writer of fanfiction, both Warriors and for other fandoms, and also a drawer of fanart, mostly Warriors and Lion King. Once again, welcome to BlogClan, and I hope you enjoy your time here. BlogClan has changed my life so much, and given me so many good friends and has supported me through hard times. I hope it can do the same for you. :)”

“Hello everyone I’m Amberstorm, and have been a part of BlogClan for a year. BlogClan has been really fun with great people to chat with, different, fun activities, and with our amazing leader, Cakestar, leading the blog is safe. If you want to post your art there is not only a devitart page you can do so, but send in your artwork and it’ll be posted on the blog. If you’re a writer like me then go on over to the Fanfiction page and posts your works there. The blog has many fun things to do, friendships to forage, and ideas to be drawn or written.”

“Hello everybody!! I am Snakepaw, known by many names. Snaker, Snakey, Snakefang, Fang Of Striking Snake, etc. I have been on since April 16, 2015 and am the moderator of articles, so come to me if you have any questions about them.  I am obsessed with the following: God, WOF, Percy Jackson, Reading in general, WARRIOR CATS, MLP: FIM, Diamonds by Hawk Nelson, Keeper of the Lost Cities, The Hobbit/ Lord of the Rings, and many others that would take up this whole page if I continued.  BlogClan is awesomazing and you will LOVE IT. All members are so kind and caring, and trust me, their meows are worse than their bite. When you get the gist of things, you’ll feel like part of a big family, although, you’re already in one right now by just coming here. Have fun on BlogClan!”

“Yo, it’s Flowerstream. I’m a senior warrior in BlogClan and I’ve been here for 2, almost 3, years. I adore Harry Potter, Phantom of the Opera, Doctor Who, Warriors, and Percy Jackson. Oh and my absolute favorite color is blue.
BlogClan is basically one big happy family that you can come to for anything and everything. The people here at BlogClan are all wonderful and it’s great to see tons of members come and start getting really well-known in the Blog. I hope that you’ll decide to stay here in BlogClan and write articles, fanfic, and draw some fanart. Be on the lookout for secret and hidden pages, you’ll be able to find them everywhere! See you around, and be sure to come to any of us for help if you need it. Bye!”

“Hullo there! I’m Flame That Shines Like Sun, known as Flame, or Flameshine, or Flamey. I’ve been a BlogClanner (if that’s even a word) since August 2014, and every second has been fantabulous. I’m in secondary school right now, and I enjoy Pokemon, TMNT, Sonic, some animes, Warriors (of course!), John Green books, Friends, Wattpad, and various other random things.  BlogClan is quite simply one of the best places on the Internet, and I hope you decide to stay! Everyone’s so welcoming and caring, and you’ll make some wonderful friends on here. So comment, participate, join in, and eat soup too. We’re glad you came!”

“Hey you new members of BlogClan, welcome to the very website of Kate Cary herself! I’m Ambergaze by the way, or Amberpaw, and I have been on Blogclan for say….since June 2015! I’m obsessed with warrior cats, because who isn’t, food, because it tastes good, and did I mention warrior cats? Anyways, the community here is a great bunch of teens and pre teens that are just looking for someone with common interests! There’s tons of great ways to get involved like role play, competing in gathering competitions, and if you just need a hug or some cheering up you can go to the hug page :). Well, and of course, if you just want to chat about anything you feel must be told to the world, you can head to the Blogclan tavern! Oh, and watch out for Hazelburrow, Kate’s son. He’s a fun tom that’s always up to something interesting! *puts on cool sunglasses* Well I have some business to attend to, so that’s my introduction, and I hope to see you around sometime! Oh, And P.S, there are hidden pages everywhere, you can find some pretty cool stuff on them!”

“HELLO. I am Cypresspaw, a fangirler of many things, but mainly Warriors and Avatar/Korra, just ask the other members. They’ll tell you. I’m in love with emojis, writing fanfiction and Kuvira (long may she reign),among other things😏😌. BlogClan is a safe, wonderful place, and I hope you enjoy your time on here!”

The Blog can be a tough place to navigate.  We have a lot of pages (and secret pages!) that you will soon master.

Love to write or read Fan Fiction? Head over to the Fan Fiction Page—a happy, bright area of camp where members exchange their lovely stories!  If you do not get a reply about your fan fiction from others immediately, never be alarmed.  You’ll be surprised how many times members read fan fiction but don’t reply to it. 😉  If you don’t have the time to write a Fan Fiction but have an idea, I recommend you go over to the Fan Fiction Organization Page and rally a team of writers or plot advisors to help out!

There is also the BlogClan Fan Fiction Project: Trailing Stars.  I’m afraid all of the chapters are taken, but if you comment a lot and stay involved with BlogClan, you may be able to write a chapter if a writer is not present.  (Try not to ask for a chapter a lot.  We’ll let you know if there’s an opening).  There is a very special Jar (Jerry the Jar) who eats all of the names entered, who are collectively referred to as Tom.  There comes a time, when the writer/editor is absent, that Kate tames the ferocity of Jerry and takes out one of his prized Tom.  The name selected takes the position.  If you would like to be a backup and join Tom, clickity clickity here.

Have a lot of warrior names that you came up with? In the cool, reserved area of camp that is the Warrior Names page, you can tell members about the lovely names that you came up with and other members rate them.  It’s also very fun to make your own name generator—pair letters to prefixes and suffixes and have members match up their name!

Being a kid in the world today takes everything you got.  Taking a break from all of your worries would sure help a lot!  Wouldn’t you like to get away? Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name!  And they’re always glad you came! Head over to the BlogClan Tavern if you’d just like to talk and share stories.  The Tavern is a jolly place that is sort of like the fresh-kill pile.  Talk about life, share stories, and have fun.

If you’re feeling down, I recommend you go to my favorite place on the Blog: The Hug Page The Hug Page is where members come to be hugged and comforted.  A lot of us are victims of bullying sometimes, and really troubles are hard to get past without friends.  We’re all friends here, and we’re all willing to give advice and comfort. 

We found a few months ago that a lot of members are a big fan of Doctor Who.  Sound like you?  Talk, debate, and share feelings with other Doctor Who fans over on the Doctor Who Discussion Page!

A fan of Wings of Fire?  Head on over to the Wings of Fire Discussion Page! Discuss that fun bucket of dragon book series and enjoy yourself!

Are you in a fandom that you can’t stop thinking about?  Look for people that share your interests on the I Heart *insert discussion here* Page!  Just like a fishing pole, toss out the shows, books, or movies that you like and wait for some like-minded people to reel in!

There are a lot of other pages and secret camps set around here, but those are for you to explore!  Take a chance, roam BlogClan territory, notify a warrior if you find the occasional badger.  (This was meant jokingly.  To be assured, no unwanted badger will make an appearance on your computer screen).  We’re really glad that you came.  You’re going to love it here.  BlogClan is full of friendly, sympathetic, amazing people and I think you’re going to find how attached you can get to these people the longer you stay.

Also!  You may want to spice up your comments with a profile picture!  In order to get one, you must go through the Gravatar Site and create an account.  The directions on the site will take you through the steps.  When you come back with a flashy profile picture (which I recommend you DO NOT UPLOAD AN ACTUAL PICTURE OF YOURSELF.  Internet Safety once again!) you’ll look awesome!  It might not appear for a few minutes, but give it some time to get adjusted.

Lastly, keep in mind that BlogClan is a moderated site.  That means that it’s extra safe–super awesome moderators (who include Kate herself, her son Hazelburrow, and Jayfrost) make sure every comment is safe before it appears.  That is why your comment does not show up once it’s posted.  Trust me, the wait is for the best.  Moderators keep BlogClan safe.  Give them a salute whenever you see them!

May BlogClan light your path!

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