My Top 5 Warrior Cats by Firepaw

Sandstorm by Shinglewhiskers

Hi! This is my first article!Yay! I just wanted to do something simple for my first one, so why not my favorite cats?I hope you guys like it . IComent what you would like me to do next !!

5. Hollyleaf. I have always liked Hollyleaf’s personality (except for when she found out who her real parents where:() She was brave and would always stand up for what was right. Her time in the tunnels seemed to give her a different personality, she seemed more calm after she joined Thunderclan again. I was really sad when she died .😢

4. Sandstorm. She was always one of my favorite characters . She is headstrong and courageous in battle. She was right to question Firestar’s love !! She was always there for Firestar and loved him to the end”cries” . She was amazing , but as much as I like her and wouldn’t want her to join starclan, she should die to to be with her beloved Firestar.

3.Firestar. I know , I know, he was supposed to be the bland, boring hero, but I LOVE HIM PEOPLE ! He was a great leader and did what was best for his clan . Think of the greencough thing people! Would any normal cat risk his life for his clan mates! Anyways I love Firestar and literally cried when he died!

2.Leafpool.I Love Leafpool!!!!!!!!!!She is one of my all time favorite cats. I love LeafxCrow, and one of thier kits is my favorite cat of all! I hated to see Leafpool rejected by her kits, but I think I understand how they feel. I loved Leafpool as an apprentice, strong and ready to learn from her mentor, Cinder pelt. She was loyal to Mothwing, and ready to help keep her secrets. When supporting her sister she loved her , ready to protect her with her life. She is a strong , courageous cat and I hope to see her as Thunderclan’s medicine cat fore moons to come.

1.Jayfeather. When he was born blind, I thought ” o, just a boring cat who just sits around all the time cause he’s blind”(sorry lLongtail)But I was surprised the cat I thought I would despise the most ended up to be my favorite character of all time. Yes he was grumpy, but I could go on for hours about him. First , he was smarter than Yellowfang. She kept on telling him to stop, but she couldn’t stop him, so that means he was more powerful than her “evil laughs ” He was a great a medicine cat, and much more that I really don’t have room for.(I will write a whole article about him!!!)

I hope you guys liked it !!!!( I typed this thing on my mini iPad so please forgive me if there were any typoes!!)

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