Miu Miu Update

miuasleepAs most of you know, Miu Miu had his right eye removed by the vet on Friday because he’d developed melanoma in it. He has been very brave and is making a good recovery. I took him to the vet’s yesterday for his post-operative check and he’s healing fine. He’s quite happy because I bought him the Best Cat Food Ever.

His sister, Flower, is terrified of him because he looks like a walking lamp (a rather plump one) with his collar on and she is currently living at the top of the house. We’ve had to move her food and water bowls up there and given her own litter tray because she daren’t come downstairs..

Miu Miu will have his stitches out next week and it’ll take a couple of months for the fur to grow back (they shaved part of his face) but he’s still the most beautiful cat in the world to me.

If you’re interested in seeing a post-op picture of him, please click here. It’s not a pretty sight, but  aspiring vets among you might find it interesting. He’s not in any pain. But he is bothered by itchy ears, which he can’t scratch because of the collar. I am his official ear-scratcher, and rather good at it 🙂

PS Miu Miu is such a big cat that the vet had to fit him with a dog collar!

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