Missing Pages

To make the menus less cluttered, I’ve removed a lot of the less used features on them. This includes the old pages, amongst others. They are, however, not deleted from the blog. They are still accessible using the URLs.

The lost pages include Fan Fiction (fan-fiction, fan-fiction-2, fan-fiction-3 etc.), Polls (polls, polls-1, polls-2 etc)., Warrior Names (warrior-names, warrior-names-2 etc.), BlogClan Tavern (blogclan-tavern, blogclan-tavern-2 etc.), The Moon Page (the-moonpage), The Hug Page (the-hug-page), Fan Fiction Organisation (fan-fiction-organisation), Secret Camp (secret-camp), BlogClan Allegiances (blogclan-allegiances) and Bulletin Page (bulletin-page).

As I said, all pages are easily accessible with the URL. If you want access them, type in www.erinhunter.katecary.co.uk/insertpagenamehere. Where it says insertpagenamehere, instead fit in the title of the page you want to access, each word separated by a dash and no capital letters (one of these: “-“, without the speech marks,  of course).

e.g. www.erinhunter.katecary.co.uk/fan-fiction, www.erinhunter.katecary.co.uk/the-moonpage, www.erinhunter.katecary.co.uk/the-hug-page-2.

Easy peasy! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below.

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