Main Allegiances Form


This is the page where you can post your description and warrior name for yourself as a cat onto the BlogClan allegiances. This form also allows you to rejoin the allegiances if you have been taken off for any reason, or inform me if you have recently aqcuired a mentor/apprentice, if you have been promoted to a higher rank on the allegiances, plus more.

Below, you will find the form that will allow you to join the BlogClan allegiances. Below the form, you will find a guide that goes through and explains each section of the form and how to accurately fill it out. If you are a new member, I urge you to read through the entirety of these instructions so you know exactly how to fill out this form.



BlogClan Name (Only ONE fursona please. See FAQ):

This is where you fill in the name of your fursona. For those still confused, a fursona is basically an animal (in this case, cat) representation of you. So, in this section, fill out the warrior name you would give yourself if you were a cat. Not the name of a roleplay or fanfiction character you’ve come up with. Your own warrior name.

And, as the title says, only send in ONE form with ONE name, please. The name you are listed under on the allegiances is meant to be a cat representation of you, and there is only one you. So only one name on the allegiances per member.

Physical Description

This is where you tell me what the cat version of yourself would look like. If you think you would look like a gray tabby she-cat with amber eyes, fill that out here. If you think you would look like a red tom with yellow polka-dots, fill that out. Just fill in whatever you would like the cat representation of yourself to look like.

Just be aware, I do edit and shorten descriptions before I post them on the allegiances. So, if you send in the Physical Description section with this filled in; “very pale gray tabby tom with dark stripes, a brown paw and chest and ears, a white face and tail, and emerald green eyes,” don’t be surprised when this shows up next to the name you sent in; “very pale gray, brown, and white tabby tom with green eyes.” It doesn’t mean you did anything wrong, it just means I edit descriptions so they can fit the style of the allegiances.

School Grade

This seems to be the part that gets people confused the most, so I’ll do my best to explain this clearly.

Your rank on the BlogClan allegiances (kit, apprentice, elder, etc.) is decided by what grade of school you are in. Here is how the ranks are decided:

Elementary School – Kit
Middle School – Apprentice
High School/College – Warrior
Out of school – Elder
Now, this ranking goes by the United States school system. I am aware many of our members are not American, and that the school systems in your country may be entirely different. In this case, I have compiled a list of how old the people in each grade tend to be. If your country or school does not go by the school system I listed above, find your age in the list below, and whatever school grade your age falls under, that’s the school grade that decides your rank.

Also, you may have noticed I haven’t included senior warrior in this list. The rank of senior warrior is not determined by school grade like other ranks. You have to be nominated for it – the process of becoming a senior warrior is explained on the Become a Senior Warrior Form page.

1st grade – 5th grade (Ages 6 – 12): Elementary school
6th grade – 8th grade (Ages 11/12 – 13/14): Middle school
9th grade – 12th grade (Ages 13/14 – 18): High school
If you are still confused, let me know, and I will work with you personally to figure out what rank you belong in.

Why are you filling in this form?

This section allows me to determine whether I’m receiving a form from a new member who has never been on the list, someone who has been on the list before but has been taken off, or is reposting (we’ll get to that later). This is important for me to know where on the list to place you.

You’ll notice in this section, instead of a textbox to type in an answer, it gives you a scroll-down menu with various options to choose from. I’ll explain all of these choices briefly below.

New Member

This is pretty straight-forward. If you are new to the BlogClan allegiances, and have never had your name on the list before, you should select this option. Anyone who has already had their name on the list, this is not the option for you.

Repost (Previously on allegiances, but got taken off)

This is also pretty straightforward. If your name has been on the list in the past, but for whatever reason it has been taken off, this is the option for you to pick on the form.

Repost (It is June/December)

Alright, now it’s time to talk about REPOST MONTHS.

As you may have noticed, the BlogClan Allegiances are very, very long. Often, it gets filled very quickly with members who come on BlogClan for a short time, then leave. The allegiances get stuffed full of names of members who are no longer on the blog.

In order to keep the allegiances from getting too long, we have two REPOST MONTHS. During Repost Months, anyone who wants to remain on the allegiances must send in a form with all their information, and this option filled in for this section. Everyone else will be deleted from the list.

This is a good way of weeding out names on the list of members who no longer visit BlogClan, and it keeps the list from getting unmanageably long.

The two repost months are DECEMBER and JUNE. You must send in a form with the “Repost (It is June/December)” option selected at any point during the months of both June and December, or else your name will be deleted from the list.

December and June are the only times you should send in a form with this option selected.

I have changed school grade

As I’ve said, your rank on the allegiances is based on your school grade. If you change school grades (graduate from elementary school to middle school, middle school to high school, or college to out of school), then that means your rank on the allegiances changes as well. Since I can’t read minds, you will have to send in a form to let me know that your school grade, and your BlogClan rank, has changed.

This option should ONLY be selected for people who already have their name on the list, and have graduated to a higher school grade, therefore raising their BlogClan rank. There is no other reason to select this option.

I have a mentor/apprentice

Select this option if you are sending in a form to inform me you have recently acquired an apprentice or mentor.

On BlogClan, mentors/apprentices don’t really do anything special. You don’t train together, mentors aren’t required to give any kind of advice or special treatment to their apprentice (unless they wish to). It is purely a bonus.

As in Warriors, a warrior can only have one apprentice at a time. Only apprentices can have mentors, and only warriors, senior warriors, and the deputy may take on apprentices.

Apprentices and warriors get to choose their own apprentice/mentor. If you are an apprentice in search of a mentor, you can either post a general comment asking if any warriors want to mentor you, or you can seek out a warrior without an apprentice and ask them to mentor you.

The apprentice and warrior must both agree on this mentor/apprentice arrangement. Therefore, I will require both APPRENTICES and their MENTORS to send in a form once a new mentor/apprentice arrangement has been made. A warrior must select this option, and fill out the name of their apprentice at the bottom of their form, and the apprentice must send in a form with this option picked and their mentor’s name filled out.

If both the apprentice and the mentor don’t send in a form, then I will not list the apprentice under the mentor’s name on the allegiances.


In this section, you must select the rank that you will be listed under on these allegiances.

As discussed earlier, this rank is determined by your school grade. If you are still confused which rank you should select for this section, look at the ranking system described above.

Mentor/Apprentice Name (if applicable)

This section is ONLY required if you selected “I have a mentor/apprentice!” for the section “Why are you filling out this form?”

If you are a warrior who has just gained a new apprentice, list your apprentice’s name under this section. If you are an apprentice who has just gained a new mentor, list your mentor’s name under this section. If either mentor or apprentice fail to fill this out, the apprentice will not be listed under their mentor’s name on the allegiances.