Kate Answers Questions: Junk Food and Super Editions


(a few days late because reasons)

Hi BlogClan,

I hope you’ve had a good week. Hazelburrow has given me a fresh list of questions! Before I answer them, I’ll update you on Moth Flight’s Vision. I’ve finished the first draft and one of my favourite editors, James, is just finishing editing it. Last night he tweeted me “stop making me tear up on my commute home!!!!” I hope you’re prepared for another heart-wrenching Super-edition 😀


Will we ever see more of modern day SkyClan?


I don’t know! They were never really my Clan – in fact I have never written about them until Dawn of the Clans. They very much belong to Vicky and Cherith and I don’t know if there are any plans to bring them back.


I just thought of a question really.
And I probably wouldn’t of been able to think of it unless I’d seen this comment under a picture of Gorsepaw.
“Gorsepaw is Tallstar’s son! You read Tallstar’s revenge right? well think of it…SandGORSE and GORSEpaw and they are both ginger colored…and Tallstar chose Onewhisker to be his mentor…that is the proof!”
Which makes me wonder. Do you think Morningflower was Tallstar’s mate? And that Gorsepaw was their son?
I never really thought of it until that comment. I mean it doesn’t show it in Tallstar’s Revenge, but later it could have happened right? What do you think, Kate?


Tallstar never took a mate. His heart always belonged to his Jake.


I would be interested as well in your favourite junk food.

And I would like to know if we ever find out where Sol came from and where he went to.


Favourite Junk Food?? It’s ALL good. I love crisps (chips) better than chocolate. I’d happily munch my way through the whole snack ailse of the supermarket.

No. He was a fabulous drifter. Knowing where he came from, and where he went, would spoil an essential part of his nature.


If there are any more Super Editions after Bramblestar and Mothflight, which character would you like to write about the most?


I suspect that one is being planned right now for 2016. It’s Cherith’s turn to write it. I’ll let you know what it’s about as soon as I find out.

I’d love to write one about Leopardstar. But that’s a bit old-school now. From the current series, I’d be most interested in River Ripple. There’s something mysterious and secretive about him, and he’s a lovely character.


Is Gray Wing going to have another mate? I was wondering if you could reincarnate Turtle Tail because she gets a important role and needs to be put back to life, but she knows that she used to be Turtle Tail even though Gray Wing doesn’t and it comes out as a big surprise.


Turtle Tail was a great loss. She’d just found her happiness. *sighs* But Gray Wing does have another mate, with whom he has kits 😀


Did you do a lot of research on cats before you wrote the books, or did one of the authors do it? Or did you just wing it, all of you having cats and all, so you based the books on what you knew?


No research necessary! I’ve lived with cats all my life. I know them as well as I know my own family. 😀


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