Fan Article: Caturday! by Sun-For-Two

Hello everyone! This is my first article, and I decided to write about a very special celebration held every week . . . . CATURDAY! 🙂

sunfortwoarticle1 sunfortwoarticle2

When you wake up and see that it’s Caturday you’re going to be pretty excited, so take some time and prepare yourself for this AWESOME day.


Once you’re done it’s time to choose your schedule for the day. Oh! And want to know something great? You can choose to do ANYTHING! That’s right. Want to sleep in? Go right ahead! (Sorry if this isn’t relevant to everyone. I know some of you have jobs / are busy on Caturday 🙂 )

sunfortwoarticle4Or maybe you like to party? That’s an option too!


I mean, really. You can do absolutely nothing . . .


. . . Or take it a little more seriously.


But all and all, make sure to enjoy yourself and have an awesome day!!! (Try not to be like grumpy cat here)  I hope you guys enjoyed my article! All the pictures are from Google, and none of them belong to me in any way. 😀


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