Elections, Day 20: Medicine Cat Finals

And the final round of the elections begin now! Make sure to get involved!

(Preamble repeat (repetition of last week’s preparatory statement (repeating the preparation)): Essentially, this is all going to be just a bit of fun; nothing too serious, just something we can do as a community. Importantly, the two elected roles at the end will be here to give a recognisable friendly face to the blog. At its core, that is what having these roles on the blog is all about.)

Week 1 Nominations
Week 2 First Round of Voting
Week 3 Cancelled!
Week 3.5 Speeches and Final Round of Medicine Cat Voting

The Words:

So, let’s clear up these Elections once and for all (well, until 2 years from now)! Commence hype train!

Yup, great things have gone on this past month: we now have a great Deputy, the ever-wonderful Jayfrost, and we’re beginning the finals to seek out our next Medicine Cat. And here we are! We’ve got our finalists – Kat, Flowerstream and Flame That Shines Like Sun. All three are really awesome BlogClanners, and it’s great to see them get this kind of recognition for their services of loveliness to the community.

With that, we have our final week of voting. Below, you may take a look at their speeches, deliberate who you think genuinely deserves the position most, and then cast your vote at the bottom of the post. Whatever outcome happens, all three candidates can be sure they are loved and celebrated amongst BlogClan (as are all of our members, for that matter; it was a necessary addendum, I swear)!

It’ll be a tight vote, that’s for sure.

The Speeches:


First off, I have to say that it is an absolute honor to have even been nominated to be medicine cat. BlogClan is the best community that I have ever come across, and the idea that people even considered having me as a medicine cat is extraordinary!

Being a medicine cat is about much more than knowing about herbs or wounds. (Especially on a place like BlogClan!) Medicine cats always have been the ones to lead the Clan spiritually, and serve as a beacon to remind the Clan of sensitivity and wisdom. Also, medicine cats not only heal physical wounds, but mental as well.

I myself have always had an innate empathy for people. I can’t bear the thought of a single member of BlogClan being unhappy or upset, and I’ve made it my individual mission to make people not only feel good about life, but more importantly, feel good about themselves. If I am not elected, my mission will still continue. I like to consider myself a guide for many–especially young members!

Part of the job of medicine cat is to make new members feel safe and snug in this community. That job is actually already in my resume–I am an admin on BlogClan who runs the New Member’s Page! I update the New Members Page every few months. The New Members Page was an idea of mine I think in early 2014, and the job was entrusted to me way back then.

To finish up, I’d be really delighted to be BlogClan’s medicine cat. I’d love to take up that job along with my unofficial Big Mama status. I hope you all have a wonderful day. And good luck to my competitors!


Thank you and I love you all! I’m just really glad, and honored, that I got nominated and made it into the finals! I’ll be here all the time, if you want to chat, or if you need advice. (or really anything at all)

I’m Flowerstream/Flo/whatever else you prefer to call me. I’ve been a member of BlogClan for 2 ⅔ years, and have been pretty active. I try and contribute to the Blog daily, reviewing fanfiction, making/rating warriors names and generators, and dishing out hugs whenever I can (and also always complimenting Shiver whenever I see her).

I haven’t done many “big” things for BlogClan, but I am on daily, and I try to be on every page. The only really important thing that I’ve done recently was to revamp the BlogClan wiki. The other important thing that I’m doing is that super secret project that you’ll find out about soon enough.

I would freak out if I did get the position of medicine cat, because it would mean that you guys voted for me and thought I deserved the position. I also would really like it, because it’s a title that (to me) shows that I’ve been loyal to the blog.

If I don’t get the position, and though I want to, I’m not sure I will because I’m going against Flame and Kat, it’s still so amazing that I was even nominated. It’s going to be really fun. I love toy all so much!

Flame That Shines Like Sun:

Hello. I am Flame That Shines Like Sun, and this is my speech that will come out sounding incredibly bigheaded, so I apologize :P. So why do I think I’d be a good medicine cat for BlogClan?

Firstly, I run, organize, judge and moderate the game Name That Apprentice on the blog, which I enjoy greatly and try to keep fun, organized and fair (is it fun, organized and fair? I sure hope so, do tell me). I aim to update it every two days, also taking suggestions for the next round so everyone is (hopefully 😛 ) happy and enjoying the game.

Next, I’m pretty sure I’m generally a very active member, and the medicine cat needs to be an active member, right? I comment on post of the pages, I’ve written plenty of articles and try to comment whenever I can. I try my best to welcome new members and help others with whatever they need. I’m also active on the live chat and help moderate there.

I like to make puns as well, although not everyone punderstands them. 😉

I also try to comfort and give out advice on the Hug Page whenever I can, rate names on the Warrior Names page and make the occasional name generator. I’ve been a member of BlogClan for a while now.

If I was to be elected, I’d try my best to contribute, just as I always have. Overall, I would be honoured beyond words to be your medicine cat!

The Vote:

Thank you all for taking part, folks! The poll will close on Friday 30th October at 6pm GMT (Brit-time), and the results will be announced at the Gathering on Saturday.

No spoilers before then!


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