Christmas 2015 Gathering Schedule

Get hypeeeee for this Saturday’s Gathering!

Firstly, I must open with some bad news: unfortunately, with the technical issues surrounding the blog at the moment (involving a wide array of the plugins used on the site), we were unable to receive any Guest Contest forms. As a solution instead, we’ll attempt to organise them more on the fly – people suggesting and organising contests during an allotted period during the day. If you already planned out an event for the day, there’s a chance you’ll still be able to do it! You’ll see the space for this on the schedule below. In this way, it’ll be more spontaneous rather than pre-planned. Apologies for the difficulties!

Secondly, the schedule itself! Remembering of course that rounds of Name That Apprentice will be run between contests by Flame That Shines Like Sun! We’ll only be having a Fan Fiction contest this month – no Fan Art this time, sorry! We’ll do something more interesting to involve both aspects for the January Gathering!

Overall though, it’ll be a festive, hype day, with a glowing return of the Live Chat! This’ll be a Gathering more in tune with earlier ones, built more around the chaos, mania and madness that inevitably ensues!

Time (GMT) Time (EST) Event
14:00 9:00 Gathering official opens
14:30 9:30 Name That Character!
15:00 10:00 Riddles!
15:30 10:30 Guest Contest Period
17:00 12:00 Fan Fiction Contest Opens
17:00 12:00 Festive Shiv Hour Begins
18:00 13:00 Festive Shiv Hour Ends (It never really ends.)
18:00 13:00 Fan Fiction Contest Closes
19:00 14:00 Gathering Results
19:30 14:30 Gathering Closes
00:00 19:00 Live Chat Closes

Here is the latest draft of the teams (comment below if you aren’t on there and still want adding)!


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