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This is not a fish

Thank you to ShadowFlower who designed BlogClan’s logo and a HUGE thank you, Jayfrost, for working out BlogClan’s Allegiances each month and writing a brilliant FAQ (see below)…



In order to get on the list, you must fill out this form. Only fill it out the first time. If you have already filled it out and are on the list, YOU DO NOT NEED TO REPOST UNLESS IT IS JULY OR JANUARY.


Here is the form:

Please go to the current Allegiances Page to fill out the form by clicking here! πŸ˜€


Rank is determined by school grade.

Elementary School – Kit
Middle School – Apprentice
High School/College – Warrior
Out of school – Elder

If you want to be a Senior Warrior, you must say so and be vouched for by eight people other than yourself. Please only vouch for people you believe have worked hard for BlogClan, not just your friends. If you gain enough vouches to become a senior warrior, REPOST YOUR DESCRIPTION AND NAME AND TELL ME YOU’RE BECOMING A SENIOR WARRIOR.

And please remember that the Allegiances are to be updated once a month, the first day of every month. Don’t ask why your name hasn’t been put on the list yet if it isn’t the first.


Q: Is there a month where we always have to repost out descriptions?

A: Yes. From now on, the repost months will be JANUARY and JULY. The end of the full year and the end of the school year, when everyone’s grade changes and some people get old enough to move up a rank. Those are the ONLY times you have to repost.

Q: If we’re new to BlogClan, do we post our description when we arrive, even if it’s not a repost month, or do we have to wait till the repost month?

A: Yes. If you are new to BlogClan’s Allegiances, you can post your description anytime. If you were previously on the list but got taken off for whatever reason, you can post anytime. If your name is currently on the list, DON’T REPOST UNLESS IT’S JANUARY OR JULY, unless you are changing your current description for whatever reason.

Q: Why do we have to repost at all/What is a repost for?

A: Because a lot of people come and go on the website, and the allegiances tend to get clogged up with people who don’t visit the site anymore. This is a way to keep it from getting too large when half the people aren’t even visiting BlogClan anymore. That’s not to say someone who stopped visiting for a while and comes back can’t be put back on the list. It’s just easier to get rid of their names while they aren’t visiting BlogClan.

Q: If you change your fursona/cat/description in any way, do you repost?

A: Yes. That is the exception. If you are already on the list, but you wish to change your description in some way, you may post your new description at anytime. You must prove me with both THE OLD DESCRIPTION and THE NEW DESCRIPTION.

Q: When school ends do you move a rank up or do you wait until school begins again?

A: You rank up when the school year ends, not when the new one begins.

Q: My school/country doesn’t follow the US system of grades! What do I do?

A: I’ve had a couple of questions to do with this. Here is the US grade system for those who don’t know:

1st grade – 5th grade: Elementary school
6th grade – 8th grade: Middle school
9th grade – 12th grade: High school

I usually handle these kinds of questions on a case by case basis, since school systems can vary wildly. If your school doesn’t fit the format I posted, let me know and we can decide what rank you belong in.

Q: Can I post a description for a friend who doesn’t visit BlogClan/wants to visit BlogClan/will come to BlogClan eventually?

A: No. I’ve decided from now to only post the description of the person posting it. If your friend wants to be on the allegiances, they’re going to have to post their description themself.




CAKESTAR – long-haired dark reddish-brown tabby she-cat with pale amber eyes


COPPERCLAW – copper-brown tabby she-cat with green eyes


DAWNMIST – graceful silver-gray tabby she-cat with green eyes


HAZELBURROW – hazel cat with with white legs and turquoise eyes
JAYFROST – gray-brown tabby she-cat with a fluffy tail and dark amber eyes
DAWNFROST – slender long-haired cream she-cat with blue eyes
SHIVERINGROSE – black she-cat with ice blue eyes, and a white splash shaped like a flower on her right ear
KAT – silky cream-and-brown she-cat with gray eyes
NIGHTFLOWER – slender, jet black she-cat with blue eyes
SWIFTFIRE – mahogany she-cat with golden eyes and massive paws
FLOWERSTREAM – long-haired silver she-cat with a fluffy tail and green eyes
BRACKENBERRY – fluffy brown spotted she-cat with periwinkle eyes
DREAMCLOUD – ginger, gray, and white she-cat with blue eyes


WILLOWSTREAK – brown she-cat with hazel eyes and a silky tail
TIGERFIRE – light brown tabby with black stripes and green eyes
SHADEFIRE – lithe dark gray she-cat with blue eyes
DASHFOOT – long-legged tan she-cat with a white paw
LIGHTNINGSTORM – black white-speckled cat with ginger markings
SHINGLEWHISKERS – dappled golden tabby she-cat with bright green eyes
FLAMEPOOL – ginger with white she-cat with aqua-blue eyes
JACKALSTEP – fluffy tortoiseshell she-cat with green eyes


SILVERWIND – silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes and white paws
EMBERPAW – brown she-cat with swirled markings and green eyes
OWLPAW – dark brown spotted tabby with silver-flecked dark blue eyes
LEAFPAW – fluffy white, black, and ginger she-cat with green eyes
SUNPAW – creamy golden she-cat with violet eyes
MOSSPAW – large, long-haired, creamy tabby she-cat with blue eyes
FEATHERPAW – gray-and-white she-cat with green eyes
SCARLETPAW – reddish she-cat with dark markings and brown eyes
EMERALDPAW – white she-cat with green eyes
LEOPARDPAW – golden flecked tabby tom with light blue eyes
STORMPAW – dark gray tom with blue eyes
BADGERPAW – black and white-striped tom with blue eyes
SILVERPAW – gray-silver she-cat with blue eyes
SPARKPAW – dappled dark ginger she-cat with silver-blue eyes
SNOWYPAW – pale silver-and-white she-cat with silver eyes
REDPAW – brownish red-and-black she-cat with green eyes
STONEPAW – gray she-cat with blue eyes and a striped face
MINTPAW – white-and-black splotched she-cat with green eyes
HALFPAW – long-furred grayish-white she-cat with blue eyes
AMBERPAW – brown she-cat with a dark ginger paw and amber eyes
MOSSYPAW – tortoiseshell cat with a pink nose and green eyes
DARKPAW – long-furred black she-cat with a blue eye and an orange eye
DAWNPAW – orange-and-white she-cat with green eyes
SILVERPAW – small silver-gray cat with blue eyes
CLOUDPAW – small white cat with blue eyes
RAVENPAW – black she-cat with white ears and green eyes
SILVERPAW – silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes
MOONPAW – gray she-cat with a white underbelly and green eyes
CLOVEPAW – tortoiseshell she-cat with a pink nose and green eyes
CINNAMONPAW – brown she-cat with white paws and cinnamon-brown eyes
IVYPAW – small silver-and-white tabby with golden eyes
THISTLEPAW – gray she-cat with dark gray and black markings and blue eyes
EMBERPAW – dark ginger she-cat with blue eyes
PLOVERPAW – skinny, small jet black she-cat with green eyes
DAWNPAW – spotted ginger she-cat with green eyes
FAWNPAW – flecked light brown she-cat with green eyes
MISTPAW – silver-and-white she-cat with light green eyes
ROBINPAW – white ginger-flecked she-cat
FISHPAW – brown-and-white calico she-cat
TANGLEPAW – black-and-white striped she-cat with green eyes
RAINPAW – brown-and-white she-cat with brown eyes
WHITEPAW – white with black paws she-cat with brown eyes


FLAMEKIT – long-haired ginger she-cat with amber eyes
STARKIT – silver tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes
PETALKIT – dark blue, gray, and white she-cat with green eyes
SILVERKIT – silver tabby tom with blue eyes
FROSTKIT – gray tabby she-cat with ice blue eyes and a white paw
WOLFKIT – gray-blue with thick fur and blue eyes
BROWNKIT – gray-and-white she-cat
BRIARKIT – light brown-and-white splotched she-cat with olive green eyes
ASHKIT – mottled gray she-cat with bright amber eyes
FEATHERKIT – silver tabby she-kit with blue eyes
SANDYKIT – sand-colored she-cat with brown eyes
ENDERKIT – black tom with purple eyes
TAILKIT – tall hazel tom with a small tail
SHADOWKIT – lithe calico she-cat with purple-green eyes
POPPYKIT – fluffy white-and-tortoiseshell she-cat with purple-ice blue eyes
SILVERKIT – silver tabby she-cat with blue
POPPYKIT – pale gray she-cat with blue eyes
ICEKIT – small white tom


SNOWBELLY – small black she-cat with white underbelly
TIGERSTRIPE – broad gray black-striped tabby tom with blue eyes
DOVEMIST – pale gray she-cat with a white paw and blue eyes
OSPREYEAGLE – brown-and-white she-cat with brown eyes

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