I love checking my inbox every morning and finding a new piece of Fan-tasticness – an article, a drawing – it really makes my day.

Sometimes I open something that is just so ADORABLE I have to share it in a post. Like this picture by Swiftpaw. I LOVE the eyes – Swiftpaw has managed to capture exactly the blank, hopeful way Flower and Miu Miu stare at me, as though they’re saying “I have no idea why I’m here but, since I am, any chance of food?”


PS The site got really slow and sticky last night/day (depending where you are). Apologies for any frustration caused by slow loading pages, I think I’ve fixed it. Embersky kindly emailed me to let me know. If you do have any problems with the site, feel free to report them using the Report A Problem link at the bottom of the side bar.


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