A New Era! Congratulations and Thank You!

A message from Kate…A New EraArtwork by Jayfrost.

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday’s Halloween Gathering. Thank you to Hazelburrow for organising it and to everyone who helped make it a special day!

Congratulations to Jayfrost and Kat on winning the recent elections. I am DELIGHTED to have Jayfrost as deputy and Kat as BlogClan’s new medicine cat! They are both wonderful, loyal, committed and hardworking members of our Clan and deserve recognition. So I’d just like to say thank you to them, and to ALL OF YOU, for everything you contribute to making BlogClan the happy Clan that it has become.

To those of you who were nominated but didn’t win, commiserations. Don’t think you are not valued. EVERY member of BlogClan in important. Please carry on contributing in your unique and marvellous way. 😀

And congratulations to Cypresspaw for being October’s BlogClanner of the month. (I loved the video, Josh. Thank you! 🙂 )

My next post will be about my favourite event of year……CADVENT. Later this week I will make a form for you to begin submitting links to your favourite Holiday cat pictures.

BlogClan is such an exciting place to be at the moment. I am so glad you’re all here. Writing is a lonely profession. Don’t underestimate how much you brighten up the life of this humble wordsmith.

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