6 of The Most Evil Cats in the Warriors Series by Pantherpaw

Dark Forest cats 2

Hello Everyone! Ever since I’ve read the Blazing Star I’ve really been thinking about all the characters in the Warriors series, most notably the villains. Here’s my list of the cats that I think are the most evil hope you enjoy! 😀

6. Thistleclaw- Thistleclaw was the mentor of Tigerstar and influenced him to be what he would later become. He also trained in the Dark Forest knowingly and tried to plot against Bluestar.

5. Mapleshade- After she had been exiled from the clans, Mapleshade spent the rest of her life plotting against the clans for ” all the pain they had caused her.” After she died she continued plotting and even went all the way to walk in the dreams of cats such as Crookedstar and Tigerclaw. During the Battle between the clans and the Dark Forest, she killed Firestar’s beloved Spottedleaf and unfortunately manged to escape unharmed vowing revenge.

4. Scourge – Now I know Scourge had suffered during his kit hood but that was not enough of an excuse for all the pain and suffering he and Bloodclan caused in Twoleg Place. Then when he came to the forest many cats from the clans died such as poor Whitestorm. He was finally put to justice when was killed by his half brother Firestar.

3. Tigerstar- Now I know many people would argue that Tigerstar belongs at the top of the list but there have been many more cruel deeds that TIgerstar himself couldn’t have taught of. Tigerstar betrayed his birth clan, killed Redtail the Thunderclan deputy, was the cause of the death of Brindleface, Graypool, Swiftpaw, the injuries of Brightheart, and the cause for Bloodclan to come to the forest. As if that wasn’t enough he kept plotting in the Dark Forest and trained cats to betray their own clans. He died in a mutal kill with Firestar, never to bother the clans forever.

2. Brokenstar- This former Shadowclan leader had a heart of stone which was literally chilled by ” the winds from the mountains.” He trained kits that were still at their mother’s belly, exiled Yellowfang, and was responsible for the deaths of Raggedstar, Badgerfang, Beetlewhisker, and many other innocent cats. As if that wasn’t enough he continued plotting in the Dark Forest and was finally killed by his mother Yellowfang.

1. One Eye- No not the Thunderclan elder. This sick twisted old tom joined Clear Sky’s group in the Blazing Star. He tortured the cats of Clear Sky’s group, killed Tom, and ruined Clear Sky’s honor. When the deadly disease was spread he locked Petal and her kits inside a hollow tree which caused Petal to die and damaged Birch and Alder badly. It took Grey Wing, Cloud Spots, Lightning Tail, and Thunder to kill this evil cat. Most violent cat I’ve ever seen!

Sorry if this article was really long. xD

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