Warrior Family trees

Working on Bluestar’s Prophecy means taking the Clans’ family trees back another step – a step we had never planned when we started work on the first series.  As far as I was concerned, Graystripe was Graystripe. I was more interested in his friendship with Firepaw than who his parents were.

But as we’ve gone on and become more and more immersed in the Warriors world, relationships and ancestry have become increasingly important. Which is enormous FUN, but also fantastically complicated.

And Warriors fans are SOOO knowledgeable about the Clans, I want to get it right! There is a large roll of paper unfurled on my study floor with the most complicated diagram of relationships and allegiances on it.

The only problem is, most of the time I can’t refer to it, because Miu-Miu has claimed it as a sleeping place.

I *would* take a picture, but I’ve lost my camera AGAIN (my house gets a little cluttered when I’m writing. OK, that’s not strictly true. My house gets cluttered, period). So you’ll have to make do with an old snap.

Does Miu-Miu Ever Sit Up?

Does Miu-Miu Ever Sit Up?

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