Homosexuality: Should Warriors include it? by Ravenpelt

talltail_x_jake__i_don_t_mind_by_vixenfurr-d6vkwdaNow I’ll put up a warning: If your sensitive to the topic of Homosexuality your going to want to turn away now. I’m making this post as family friendly as possible, but I know some people are sensitive to the topic.

Also, when I reefer to Homosexuality, I mean the person/character is in a same-sex relationship, the character can be any number of sexualities.

Homosexuality in the Warriors series seems to be a hot topic as of late, with many people arguing over if it should or shouldn’t be a part of the series. I say it’s a good possibility. Most people think it’s a far-fetched dream, but it’s not as unlikely as you may think.

I am going to look at this topic as unbiased as possible, and I will present the raw facts and evidence to leave you to decide. (I’ll personally say that I support Homosexuality, being not Straight myself and an avid supporter of Same sex marriage.)

Part 1: Media is Changing

Many younger children do read Warriors, just look at the BlogClan allegiances. But is Homosexuality something to hide from children? Remember, Sexuality is a predisposition, you are born with it. Yes, it may change over your life, but most of the time that is because of your own body and not because of influences from the media. If a kid sees gay cats in a book series, it won’t make them gay.
Plus, lets be honest, with the prevalence of the internet it is impossible for a child to not learn about Homosexuality.

Around the time Warriors first came out, Homosexuality in modern media was unheard of. But recently Homosexual relationships have been appearing in many TV shows and books, some of which are for children.
The Legend of Korra ends with an extremely implied same-sex relationship between the two main characters.
Steven Universe’s Garnet is a fusion between two characters who are in a same-sex relationship.
Adventure Time’s Marceline and Princess Bubblegum were confirmed to be former lovers.
Not to mention the many, many confirmed gay characters and implied same-sex relationships throughout media. And when these relationships are confirmed we tend to see a very positive wave of excitement, not negative uproar.

Part 2: Warriors and Homosexuality so far

It seems the Erin’s aren’t shy to the idea of same-sex relationships in the books, just look at the prime example of Tallstar and Jake. If you read Tallstar’s Revenge, it’s easy to spot possible romantic feelings throughout the book, but that’s not all as the Erins have hinted several times about their relationship being more then just friends.
Vicky confirmed Tallstar had “No interest in dating She-Cats” and our own Kate confirmed “Tallstar’s heart always belonged to his Jake.” And she also thinks Tallstar leaves StarClan to visit Jake.
Many people argue that Jake couldn’t love Tallstar because he became mates with Quince and Nutmeg, but it’s very likely Jake could be Bisexual. Sure they may never become mates, but the love between the two could very well be cannon.

We’ve also seen several hints at same-sex relationships, mind you these can just be platonic, but the hints are still there. Some examples are the relationship between Ravenpaw and Barley (Several books) Tallstar and Barkface, (Tallstar’s Revenge) Littlecloud and Blackstar, (Bramblestar’s Storm) and many more.

Part 3: How the Erins should implement it.

The way I feel would be best for the Erins to implement a same sex relationship in the books is to implement it slowly. Two side characters who are seen often can start out as friends, but over time the romantic chemistry grows.

For example: One of the characters gets hurt, and the other spends every night in the medicine den keeping them warm, and when they are asked to go out on a hunting patrol they seem more determined then usual. The character who’s POV we are in asks why they claim they want to get the best piece of prey for their friend, and they muse that ‘They seem to really care about their friend.’

Hints could be dropped, like it is mentioned how they often share tongues in the afternoon sun or that they share their nests in the Warriors den. Eventually it is confirmed that they are mates, but no big uproar is raised. It’s just like giving a normal couple good chemistry, you do it slowly and subtly.

And that’s it for this article! Thanks for reading, this was my very first one and I picked quite the topic. I tried to include as few opinions as possible, but I’ll say I’d be super happy if there were a same-sex relationship in warriors. It would break the mold and open up so many doors, I’d just love to see it. So what are your opinions, do let me know!
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