Cadvent Day 17

Happy Hanukkah! And today’s Cadvent picture is from Minnie! Thanks, Minnie  

Christmas Ash Tree (Ashpaw)2

Cadvent Day 16

Good morning, BlogClan! Today’s Christmas kitties are brought to you by the letter C and the number 16. Well, actually they were sent in …


Cadvent Day 15

Hi BlogClan! I hope you all have a lovely day ahead of you. Still no sign of snow here, despite many promises …


Cadvent Day 14

What a lovely morning. I haven’t looked out of the window yet, but I just KNOW it’s lovely. I’m warm, there are …


Cadvent Day 13

Good morning, BlogClan! Today’s Holiday kit is from Owlsong! Thanks, Owlsong. This cat looks SO content Hope you’re happy too!