Christmas 2014 Gathering!

Hello and welcome all to the Christmas 2014 Gathering on BlogClan! Here comes an exciting day of fun, games, fanart and a live chat! Yippee! Here are the updated, final team lists! Neon Weasels Relatively Excitable Stoats Owlsong Hazelburrow Copperclaw Dawnmist Rainsong Dawnfrost Tigerkit Swiftfire Sun-for-Two Redpaw Flowerstream Fishtail Sorrelkit aurajollymoon …


Cadvent Day 20

Hi, BlogClan! Lovely Christmas wishes to you all. I’m guessing everyone’s finished school now and there’s nothing left to do except wrap …


Cadvent Day 19

Oh, Oh, oh! So very excited about Christmas! I hope you will be able to make it to the Gathering on Saturday. …


Gathering Groups Notice

While trying to recompile the groups, I realised that there were some difficulties. Mostly around people not being around anymore as well …


Cadvent Day 18

Wow, Christmas is getting so close! I’d better write some Christmas cards today! Today’s pictures are from Silversand and Meadowpaw! Thank you


Cadvent Day 17

Happy Hanukkah! And today’s Cadvent picture is from Minnie! Thanks, Minnie